Saturday, 15 December 2007

match sticks eat moths

Definitions, Rants, Fictional Dialogue, One Question with Corresponding Answer, and more, much, much more...

Public Libraries: The place where badly written prose goes when it is time for it to die.

Television: Images severed from their context and devoid of all content. Plus, there also is the immense mass of adverts in between to be dealt with.

Advertising: Nazism for people who want their names left out of History books, for obvious reasons. It is also -arguably- more profitable than warfare and the infamous I-was-just-following-orders excuse does still get you out of trouble.

EMO: Excrutiatingly Monotonous Outcries. They look so silly, don't they? Ahhh, youth.

The emo kid is at it again. The emo kid is a tit again. I hate the emo kid.

Me: Hey, emo kid! You never did the kenosha kid...
Emo Kid: Ugh?

Yeah, that's right. And never read any Pynchon either, by the sound of it.

Q: Are U.S. Presidents genetically-enhanced, super-intelligent, bionic apes?

A: Nope. Just regular chimpanzees.

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