Thursday, 1 November 2007


An Inventory Of Unfunny Jokes, its presence here having certainly not been prompted by popular demand.

Q: How many people of average intelligence are needed to change a light-bulb?

A: Normally, one would suffice.

'Knock, knock...'
'Who's there?'
'The Doctor.'
'Doctor who?'
'Doctor Hilarious.'

A man walks into a bar with a dead duck under his arm. He goes to the counter and asks for a pint of lager. He drinks it, then pays for it, goes to the loo to urinate, comes back out again, and leaves.

Q: What is weirder than an ordinary-looking two-headed basilisk with a fetish for Victorian tea cups?

A: A weird-looking two-headed basilisk with a fetish for Victorian tea cups, clearly.

And, last, a joke from someone else's garden...

Q: What animal has four legs, but doesn't walk, and feathers, yet doesn't fly?

A: A dead cow with a feather duster stuck up its hind.

I believe that last joke was coined by a famous Argentinian comedian who goes by the name of Alfredo "El Gordo" Casero, certainly a man of genius.

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