Thursday, 1 November 2007

Put yer glasses on, blurry eyes...

Questions With No Clear Answers, because inquiry is fun and interrogation marks are sexy...

Q: If Jesus Christ came back to Earth, would he return incognito as a real estate agent?

A: I dunno.

Q: Do we actually need TV shows in which...
a) people buy houses, in order to refurbish them, in order to re-sell them?
b) celebrities are chosen at random and lumped together into...
i) a luxurious apartment?
ii) a house with transparent walls?
iii) an island?
iv) the scorching core of an active volcano?
c) a relatively famous chef visits a failing restaurant... with hilarious consequences?
d) a suburban housewife is swapped by another into a household that is not her own?
e) an antiquarian visits different attics, finding invaluable period items along the way?
f) people are given the opportunity to win ludicrous amounts of money by...
i) answering questions on their chosen area of expertise?
ii) answering general knowledge questions with the help of three lifelines?
iii) choosing boxes at random, whilst repeating at nauseam "Deal or No Deal."
iv) traveling around the world, in some form of intellectually-deficient pentathlon?

A: Hmmm, with the exception of question b iv: no, probably not.

Q: If George W. Bush managed to clone a young Adolf Hitler, as it is clearly his intention, would he...
a) buy him cowboy outfits to wear to school?
b) raise him on a diet of Dr Pepper and salt & vinegar crisps?
c) read him Umberto Eco novels adapting their final sentences into "and then the Nazis won the war"?
d) call him "Bubba," tickle his feet, and ask rhetorically "who's the prettiest baby in Texas?"?

A: I am confused now...

Q: Why am I writing all this rubbish that is -as soon as I write it- being dumped into the massive landfill site that the internet has become?

A: Man, that was really deep... I know exactly what you mean.

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