Monday, 18 August 2008

Nominal Value (not Current Market Value, duh!)

Fictional Brothers, Cousins, Nephews and Other Relatives of the Relatively Rich and Unfortunately Famous, funny names, runny phlegms, money games, and general silliness.

Armstrong "Arm" Pitt, Brad Pitt's half-brother. Has a tendency to sweat profusely and, subsequently, smells of onion bulbs.

Albert Marcus "A.M." Bush, George W. Bush's long-lost cousin. Enjoys attacking people and/or non-Western nations by surprise from concealed positions.

Anna Keynes, great-granddaughter of John Maynard Keynes, who -after having married Christopher Walken's second cousin George Khai-Walker- became Anna Keynes Khai-Walken. May the Force be with her.

Albert Robert "A.R." Caine, Sir Michael Caine's nephew, twice-removed. A.R. Caine is fairly enigmatic and mysterious. And into esoteric philosophical issues.


Camilla said...

Who did that brilliant drawing?

x.- said...

Despite the fact that most contemporary art critics attribute the aforementioned drawing to one Guybrush Slothrop -who studied at the Madras School of Painting, in Chennai, India-, this blog credits Camilla G. Sutherland with its creation

The story goes that she suffers from an acute type of hypergraphia that compels her to doodle non-stop even when all people around her are begging her to stop.

She is probably doodling as we speak. She's a doodler, you see?